National Technology Innovation Agency of Finland visits NETC

On July 7, representatives of National Technology Innovation Agency (TEKES) of Finland: Ms. Ulla Hiekkanen-MAKELA (right 4), Executive Director; Mr. Jarmo Heinonen, director of the Finnish National Technology Innovation Agency, (Right 3) visit NETC (National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center), sharing the experience of generating and promoting innovation under government policy; discussing about   scientific innovation and technology transfer between Finland and China. In the meeting, Ms. Yanyan Li(Left 4), GM of NETC, introduces the way NETC runs and expressed her thinking about IP strategy in China; technology transfer national layout; how to encourage foreign enterprises to entrepreneurship in Shanghai, etc. As a sub-platform of NTEC, its CEO, Dr. Xu Rong Yu(left 3) gives a speech called ‘clean connect the world’, talking about the status of Cleantech transfer and the way for Finland to use platform to find the way to cleantech cooperation.