TechXcel—NTU Innovation Incubator visits Umore

On 27 July 2015, representatives of TechXcel- NTU Innovation Incubator: Mr. Guoxi Yao, President of TechXcel and Ms. Canpi,come to Umore office for cooperation.

Umore helps TechXcel with the trip in China and accompany TechXcel the whole process. According to the plan, they conduct a research in Shanghai, Changzhou, Yixing, having a basic understanding of Yangtze River Delta region which laid a foundation for TechXcel to conduct business in China. During the research, TechXcel visits government like: NETC, West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park in Changzhou, administrative Committee of Changzhou; enterprises in China like: Jinzi group, Jianghua group and Phili group. Through these visits, TechXcel knows the development status of Chinese environmental enterprises and reach some cooperation intentions.