Umore Singapore participated Innovation Exhibition 2015

On 28, Sep. 2015, Umore Singapore and NETC Singapore participated Innovation Exhibition. There are 4 National Universities of Singapore, eight polytechnics, as well as technology transfer institutions from each country in Southeast Asia. It had been 4 years since the Innovation Exhibition was open. It is organized by IPI, a technology transfer company, wholly-owned by Singapore government and it is the biggest technology brokering activities in Asia. It brings together international technology providers from Singapore and ASEAN countries, technology transfer agencies, as well as job-seekers, exploring technical and commercial cooperation through open innovation theme discussion. In this event, there are 300 technologies from 15 countries, 80 exhibitors and 1800 representatives covering many industries, such as information communication, electronics, materials, manufacturing, health care, energy and the environment. Through such a technique pool, technology providers can find the best ideas to create business opportunities. Open innovation platform is a crowdsourcing model based on which some of the executives from large companies such as Haier, MediaTek, Philips and other companies share their experience in this field. After communication with them, Umore will look for cooperation and common development pattern of growth and build strategic cooperation partnership in the next stage. It is the first time for Umore and NTEC Singapore to show up in international exhibition in Singapore which brought about a lot of attention. Both technical side and investors are interested in Chinese market and this will also bring more opportunities for Chinese technology purchasers.