Cleantrip to Israel—Israeli Watec won a success

During 13-15 Oct. 2015, Umore was invited by the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai and WATEC to take part in WATEC 2015 in Israel. Umore organized three outstanding domestic environmental protection enterprises to WATEC 2015 as well. Based on this opportunity, Umore tried to know more about ecosystem of Israeli water industry: from concept to application, equipment to the program, traditional crafts to cutting-edge technology, conducting an in-depth investigation.

One month before the trip, Umore selected 23 counterparts enterprises from 177 exhibitors for three domestic companies; sorting out business and technical information and help with the preliminary contact between two sides. Israel trip is very fulfilled. In the first day, Umore arranged in-depth communication with 10 more Israeli enterprises and reached cooperation intention with 2 groups. On the second day, there were four hours of 1: 1 matchmaking session. Each of the three Chinese companies met 6 counterparts respectively (total 18). In addition, Umore arranged project field trips: sludge compost demonstration projects of Ramin; Shafdan sewage treatment plant and its research center; spiral aerobic biofilm reactor demonstration projects of Emefcy; they also visited innovation agencies: visiting Yeda technology transfer center for technical cooperation; contacting investment bank Cukierman & Co, exploring capital expansion possibility.

The Cleantech trip of Umore was successfully completed in the sunshine of Tel Aviv, which also means that the real technology transfer services started. Umore will endeavor to follow up the cooperation intention and foster successful projects.