Umore co-organized Pujiang Forum—Israeli Cleans-tech show to China

On 27-28, Oct. 2015, Pujiang forum was held in eastern suburbs hotel. Pujiang Forum began in 2008 and it is a high- level international forum organized by the Ministry of Science and co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. Centered on the theme of "Global Innovation Network • convergence of common interests" organizers invited over 100 guests including political elite, corporate giants and academic masters getting together to discuss innovation-driven development strategies. As the co-organizer of the sub-forum, Umore took the first chance to participate in national forums. Israel is the guest country so that on 28, Oct. Israeli Clean-tech roadshow to China—Shanghai stop was held currently. 18 cleantech companies from Israel bring innovative technologies and products giving presentation and accept 1:1 discussion which attracts 100+ Chinese enterprises coming to the sub-forum. A lot of cooperation intention comes up in the forum and next Umore will continue to follow up and promote the substantive cooperation.