CC2015-The Second International Cleantech Transfer and Investment Congress

The second International Cleantech Transfer and Investment congress (CC2015 as followed) has been successfully held in Innospace Shanghai. There are 286 participants coming from 15 countries, including 33 oversea cleantech enterprises, 99 Chinese environmental enterprises, 33 ventures, 15 institutes and many government agencies as well. Based on this get-together, participants communicate and discuss with each other to seek for various ways of oversea cleantech transfer and explore the practice and experience of cross-border cleantech investment and cooperation.

In the congress, there are 17 distinguished guests delivering keynote speech, they are respectfully on behalf of Government, technology Strategy, Voice of globe, Solutions of China, New power of China, Research Commercialization & Start Up. Their speeches cover the content of technology transfer, cleantech innovation, IP, smart sustainable city, green building, road of cleantech SMEs in cross-border Cooperation, China private incubator operation model and international cooperation. Various thinking combines, giving light of wisdom to the congress.

Nov. 3rd is market-centered based on which 20 cleantech enterprises from Finland, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Japan, America and Singapore conducted roadshow. They took their excellent technology and attract a lot of counterpart enterprises in China. After the roadshow, they communicated and discussed with each other to seek for cooperation opportunities.

Nov.4th is investment-centered. There are 8 mature roadshows coming from Finland, Denmark and Singapore to look for investment support. Three other start-ups made angel project roadshow as well.

The theme of CC2015 is start & stay up for which Umore made a lot of efforts to embellish it. Umore offers the service to translate English material into Chinese and help to modify; tries creative online appointment system; industry consultant camp and integration of industry, study and research, etc.

All the above efforts are intended to help overseas cleantech members to know more about the start-up and investment atmosphere in China and foster successful start-up and innovation.