Chinese Listed Enterprise Clean Trip to Japan-- Japanese Waste Management Study

During November 30 to December 3, Umore accompanied a listed enterprise to Japan for a study on waste management. During the visit, the delegation focused on philosophy, policies and system of Japanese waste classification, intermediate collection, transportation, incineration and landfill-related aspects. What’s more, they communicated with local government agencies, associations, and enterprises of collection and transportation to better understand the current situation of waste management in Japan.

Before the trip, based on customer needs, Umore made preliminary study on hundreds of enterprises of collection, transportation and disposal. With the help of email, telephone and local cooperation partners, Umore finished relate information scanning of Japanese enterprises. At the same time, Umore continues to confirm the trip with customer and at last make sure 9 representative enterprises to visit.In Japan, the delegation has visited Japanese waste disposal agencies of fore-end: collection and transport; intermediate processing - crushing, burning bodies; end disposal - resource utilization and landfills. These agencies are advantageous and experienced in waste collection, transportation, burning energy use, food waste recycling and agricultural recycling, etc. In addition, the delegation also communicated with senior experts in the field of waste disposal in Japan face to face. The delegation systematically understand Japanese garbage classification, collection, transportation, incineration, landfilling process system which provides a good reference for the fore-end waste collection, transportation and charging standards.The visit to Japan has achieved the expected results. The delegation approaches the project and authentic live technical management in Japan which lay a foundation for the cooperation with excellent oversea enterprises. Umore will maintain close contact with the Japanese enterprises in order to promote the follow-up cooperation.