Lego Serious Play, Special Brainstorming

On November 20, 2015, the 2-day LEGO® Serious Play®-an innovative training project was successfully held. Lego Serious Play ® is an interestingcreativity inspiring training tool with the theme of "thinking with hand action" and it has been widely used in various well-known companies of more than 20 countries worldwide. This time we invited trainer Annette Skyt who comes from Lego birthplace – Denmark. There are 50 members such as corporate executives, designers, cutting-edge entrepreneurship, universities teachers, lawyers and media getting together to feel this great brainstorming event.

Under the guidance of trainer Annette, the students fully conducts their wisdom, from concrete to abstract, from simple to complex, from single creation to teamwork, totally immersed in the creative ocean. In the self-made session, members built more than 100 vivid models. In the teamwork session, four groups have done their best to build universal human social problems currently facing: procrastination, select dyslexia, poor communication and lack of communication against the high-tech backgrounds and different cultures, personalities and other background. On this basis, members extend thinking and build solutions which stimulate new projects possibility. Participants released potential of the brain in the entertainment and spoke highly of this activity.The Lego Serious Play ® training is to promote Lego series training in China and stimulating more open and more innovative ways for business innovation; allowing enterprises to experience Lego inspiration and creativity in the toy-play process.