Umore assist the cooperation between Quanneng and Dayang

On 26th Jan. Ms. Chris Chen, technology transfer director of Umore witnessed the strategic cooperation agreement singing between Quanneng and Dayagn. Mr. Panhua Qian, the chairman of Quanneng, and Mr. Jinzhi Piao, the chairman of Dayang signed the agreement on regenerative thermal oxidizers. The management team from two enterprises were present in the meeting.

Jiangsu Quanneng environment is a famous environment enterprise in jiangsu province and even in the whole country. With total assets of 300M, 400 employees, and 500M annual comprehensive production capacity, it mainly focus on burning of environmental protection enterprises, the existing total assets of 300 million yuan, 400 employees, annual comprehensive production capacity of 500 million yuan.In order to rapidly promote the company's technical strength and competitive advantage, since October 2015 universal environmental carte Blanche yu mo consulting for global advanced incineration technology.Yu ink during the consulting project team after the details about the universal demand, respectively in three months to search for and screened from Japan, the United States, South Korea, Austria's incineration technology. After and foreign enterprises exchange and communication for many times, the universal environmental eventually to South Korea's top regenerative burning of ocean environment, develop the regenerative burning Chinese market together.

Ocean environment co., LTD was established in March 1991, the leading enterprise in the field of VOC treatment for South Korea.The company independent research and development of the new regenerative combustion equipment established the original technology status in South Korea, in South Korea performance up to more than 400.

This contract will promote the two sides to further improve the brand influence and core competitiveness, at the same time for the comprehensive development momentum.