Dr.Xu gave a speech in National Technology Transfer Forum

On May 24, 2016, the National Technology Transfer Forum was held in Bay Valley, Shanghai. This forum is directed by torch center of National Ministry of science and technology; organized by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission; co-organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and National Eastern Tech- transfer Center. More than 40 participants from different industries were present and discussed on the theme of "cooperation, sharing, win-win" to create a new and integrate framework.

Dr. Rong Xu, Founder and CEO of Umore consulting was invited as the keynote speaker. Umore is the first specialized cleantech transfer agency in China and Dr. Xu shared Umore’s experience of exploring international cleantech transfer and how Umore assisted to promote transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

Umore has built a cleantech community for the market both at home and abroad. Mr. Xu gave some examples to show how Umore provided domestic enterprises with solutions, brought in and invested in oversea cleantech. As a professional consulting agency of cleantech transfer, Umore has established industry think tank—Umore Intelligence to provide more enterprises with effective and fruitful industry analysis and reports in the form of monthly issue.