Umore participated in Water Seminar in Shandong Province

On April 25 to 27, the third water quality monitoring technology and laboratory management seminar was held in Jinan, Shandong province. Nearly 150 participants from the industry of provincial water supply and drainage, environmental protection, food sanitation, water conservancy and water monitoring were present. They discussed the advanced technology for urban water system security, interpreted new laboratory qualification standard, and visited the 12th international scientific instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition in Shandong. Mr. Li Zhongbin, vice president of Jinan science and technology association and Mr. Song Lanhe, vice engineering of water supply center in urban and rural house development department gave the opening speech.

Mr. Charles Tsao, President of Umore Singapore, was invited by PUB to participate in this seminar. On the one hand, Umore communicated with enterprises introduced by PUB; on the other hand, Umore has an understanding of water monitoring in Shandong which will lay a foundation for Umore to do business in Shandong.