Umore conducted a training for all the Umorers

Umore conducted a training for all the Umorers on 27 and 28, April. 2016. Interesting, useful and valuable can be used to describe the successful training.

This training was divided into 2 parts. One was business practice and the other one was internal sharing.

On the first day, Umorers conducted team competition to practice business communication, enterprise analysis in the process of cleantech transfer and cooperation. Each group gave a SWOT analysis based on an oversea enterprise which benefited them a lot in terms of communication skills and mindset.

The second day focused on internal sharing of each business segment of Umore. Colleagues responsible for Dream list, Softlanding China and Umore Intelligence shared their inspiration and experience on the topic of service for customers both at home and abroad, seeking for overseas cleantech and industry research which were quite illuminative and helpful.

Adhering to the belief of “Never be perfect”, Umore will continue to make efforts on the pursuit of improving team capacity and optimizing foreign business model and process.