CleanConnect 2016

On Nov. 7th and 8th, the third International Cleantech Cooperation and Investment Conference was successfully held by Umore Cleantech Consulting and National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center in Hangzhou, China. This is an unprecedentedly grand gathering with 239 participants from 17 countries encompassing 77 Chinese cleantech SMEs, 35 global investors and security firms, 14 listed companies, 40 overseas cleantech companies, 14 government agencies, 19 Chinese municipal and industrial end users. The conference facilitated 200 plus in-depth business matchmaking meetings across different companies on specific environmental needs and solutions.

IMG_6737 (1)_副本.jpgXu Rong, founder & CEO of Umore Cleantech Consulting gave a welcome speech on “connecting a clean world”, reiterating the mission that Umore is dedicated to helping overseas companies expand their market to China as well as increasing exposure of Chinese companies to a global stage. We are extremely honored to have invited Zou Shujun, Vice President of National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, Frank Joseph, Commercial Office of US Consulate General Shanghai, Jarmo Heinonen, Director of Bioeconomic and Cleantech at Tekes, Peter Corne, Vice Chair of Energy Working Group at EUCCC, Jianliang Lu, Director General of EDB, Jiaxing Port District, Zhang Hua, Managing Director of Fosun Steel & Intelligent Equipment, Ye Huajun, Chairman of Focused Photonics Inc, Nicholas Parker, Co-founder of Global Acceleration Partners, and Daniel Zhu, Founder of China Eco Fund, to deliver keynote speeches on national policy and industrial revolution of cleantech, diversified investment strategies, innovation of domestic enterprises and prospect of global partnership.

2031611127.jpgThe Conference is divided into three sessions: Industrial Environmental Services, Municipal and Rural Environmental Services, and Smart & Sustainable Solutions. During each session, diversified enterprises were invited to deliver ground-breaking technologies in terms of waste water, solid waste, flue gas treatment, soil and water remediation, environmental monitoring, energy conservation, and data management to solve increasingly severe environmental problems. Through sufficient preparation of constant research and analysis early in advance, Umore has arranged matchmaking panel sessions for each tech company to get in close touch with investors or industrial and municipal users. There were 200 plus matching making discussions during this two-day conference and Fosun Capital, East-Lake Venture Capital, CRRC Corporation Limited, Sembcorp Group, Suelzle Kopf, Lianhe Tech, Datang Electric, Sino-Swiss Zhenjiang Ecological Industrial Park all managed to find their potential partners for further investment or business development discussion.

IMG_3700.JPGIn addition, the conference marked an official launch of the 2nd China-Finland International Cleantech Executive Program, tailored for top business leaders in the cleantech sector. There will be ten executives enrolled in this program delivered by Aalto University, the most historical and prestigious university in Finland.



“China has become an epicenter of the world. Never have any countries been through such enormous booming and been confronted with such severe environmental problems. Cleantech is not just about clean-up, it’s about how we do things better. China is where the action is. But most of the technology for now is still in the west, that’s why we are facing challenges and opportunities of matching Asia with western tech solutions,” said Nicholas Parker, the founder of Cleantech Group at his keynote speech, “Statistics show 80% of cleantech investment in Asia have been in China.” With China facing an unprecedented environmental crisis and government’s intervention regarding environmental protection policies, Umore has demonstrated the fact that a cross-border partnership model can make significant progress on China’s environmental problems together with overseas tech companies, Chinese entrepreneurs and investors, and government agencies. The third International Cleantech Cooperation and Investment Conference, as a milestone in cleantech field, revealed the urgent environmental needs from diversified industrial and municipal users, bound with domestic and overseas solutions, and resorted to the power of capital, to help make China and the world a better place.

Just as Xu Rong, founder of Umore Cleantech Consulting, said at the opening ceremony, “Umore’s mission lies in connecting technologies, markets, capitals, and people to form a cleantech eco-system.” The two-day Cleantech Conference has come to an end, but it epitomizes a beginning of a more profound journey. With the constant support of Umore, China will start a new chapter on cleantech development from now on.