2017 China-Finland Cleantech Executive Program is now open for application


The 2017 China-Finland Cleantech Executive Program, jointly hosted by Umore Cleantech Consulting and Aalto University now starts application process. This intensive eight-day program held on June 7th-14th 2017, customized for entrepreneurs, board members, CEOs, senior executives in cleantech enterprises, governmental agencies, and investors, is designed to help leaders involved in environment and energy sectors to create innovative solutions, and develop their competence to manage their own cleantech companies in global markets. Participants will experience different varieties of modules such as subject courses, case studies, field visits, CEO Talks, etc so as to form a cleantech eco-system, build a global network, thus enhance the competitive advantage and global collaboration opportunity for every company. The instructors are comprised of well-renowned entrepreneurs, VC investors, tenured professors, etc.

A Pure Planet: Aurora Borealis + Midnight Sun + Finnish Sauna + Real Santa Claus


Technology Express: Company Visits + Project Learning


Professional EMBA courses: Case Studies + International Executive Seminars


CEO Talks: Business Interaction + Executive Networking


Program Schedule:

Day 1: Cleantech CEO Forum

Day 2: Value Chain Integration and Corporate Valuation

Day 3: Business Models and Innovation

Day 4& 5: Explore Finland

Day 6: B2B Marketing Strategy and Brand Globalization

Day 7: International M&A and Collaboration Strategy

Day 8: Business Simulation – Best Team Wins!

To finish off a great year, Finland is ranked 3rd in The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2016 (GSCI). When looking at other global rankings Finland has excelled in 2016, it comes as no surprise that sustainability of the natural environment and innovation are Finland’s strong areas. Finland is ranked the greenest country in the world in Environmental Performance Index 2016 and 8th in World Energy Council’s world energy sustainability ranking, The Energy Trilemma Index. Each year, 40% of scientific research expenditure and 1/3 scientific investment are used for cleantech. Currently, Finland has enormous and immeasurable M&A market potential, drawing more and more Chinese investors’ attention.

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