Beijing Xishan and Finnish Doranova Signed a Licensing Agreement on Soil Remediation Solution

April 28, 2017, one week after Earth Day, Beijing Xishan Environment Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Xishan") and Finnish environmental technology company Doranova Oy (hereinafter referred to as "Doranova"), signed a licensing agreement on soil and groundwater remediation solutions in Beijing, China.

Ms. XUE Ping, Director of Corporate Development Department of Yuntao Group, and Mr. Antti Myllärinen, President and CEO of Doranova, signed the agreement. This agreement will give Xishan the exclusive right to utilize, sell and produce the world first commercialized Modular Soil and Groundwater Remediation System in China. The two parties will jointly work together to apply this advanced technology and equipment In China and develop the market.

This is the second international technology transfer deal in 2017 soil remediation industry, following the Bossco‘s acquisition of Canada’s RemedX. Doranova's modularized in situ soil and groundwater remediation system, DoAct CORE, as a world leading technology, significantly improves the in situ remediation efficiency comparing to existing solutions. DoAct CORE will raise Xishan's competitiveness in their core market and will also enable the larger scale use of in situ solutions for soil remediation in China as well. Actually the signing ceremony is only six months away from Xishan and Doranova’s first meeting, after Doranova’s roadshow at 2016 Umore CleanConnect Technology Transfer and Investment Summit in China. This is a clear sign of the sophistication of Doranova's technology and also, a strong market demand in China.

Mr. Shengda Gao, Secretary General of the China Environmental Industry Organization, said at the signing ceremony that the demand for sustainable soil and groundwater remediation solutions will continue to grow in China. Chairman of Beijing Xishan Environment Technology and Yutao Group, Mr. Xin Wang,concluded at the end of the ceremony, that Xishan and Doranova will reach the new level as a provider of advanced soil remediation solutions in China: "This is a milestone. Start from today we will work with Doranova to develop the Chinese market."

The Chinese expert Mr. Yongming Luo, Research Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Mr. Xiaofeng Wu, Research Fellow at Tsinghua University, Mr. Rong Xu,founder and CEO of Umore Cleantech Consulting, Ms. Lin Dong, Director of Umore Denmark, and Mr. Longting Mo, Project Manager at Umore Cleantech Consulting were also present at the ceremony.

Doranova's CEO Mr. Antti Myllärinen stressed in his speech that the growth of Chinese environmental awareness has clearly increased during this decade and is similar to the developments that took place in Europe two decades earlier. Doranova was one of the first European companies to start up the in situ remediation of groundwater and soil in the mid 90's along with the growth of this environmental awareness. Since then Doranova has developed advanced soil/groundwater remediation solutions to compete against traditional mass change methods, and the now-signed agreement allows Xishan the same development path.

Mr. Myllärinen emphasized that cooperation with Umore Cleantech Consulting has been extremely important for the rapid progress of this meaningful collaboration. The suitability of Doranova technology for China's growing remediation market is excellent, but without the local know-how and networks this cooperation would not have succeeded in such a timetable. It is mentionable that Xishan's first connection to Doranova was born through Umore's CleanConnect platform.

The founder and CEO of Umore Cleantech Consulting, Dr. Rong Xu, right after the contract signed, stated that "we are very pleased to see that champagne is open. The cooperation of the two companies represents the synergy of the two core competencies and the integration of the two cultures.” Finland has been an important target for Umore since its inception, Rong continued, that in the future he would expect more Finnish companies to access Chinese market through a similar approach.

Milestones of Doranova and Xishan’s Successful Connection


Beijing Xishan Environment Technology

Established in 2011 and located in Beijing Yizhuang Business Park. Xishan is one of the first Chinese environmental technology companies to carry out soil remediation projects in China. In addition to soil remediation, the company has two business areas: Laboratory services and manufacturing of environmental monitoring equipment, as well as monitoring services.

Doranova Oy

Doranova Oy is a leading technology company focusing on renewable energy solutions and soil and groundwater remediation. Doranova has been performing for over 20 years now by developing in situ methods. Renewable energy business is a project activity that is carried out in Asia and Africa in addition to Finland and the Baltic countries. In addition, the company has strong R & D activities in both industries.

You can find the finnish version news release in Umore linked-in page too. Enjoy the news!