Umore Released the Development Report of Chinese Environmental Industry in Pujiang Innovation Forum - Canada

On May 16, 2017, Pujiang Innovation Forum-Canada Forum was successfully opened in Toronto Convention Center. It was held by Pujiang Innovation Forum, jointly held by Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science &Technology, P.R.C., Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, Canada, with great support and joint efforts from Consulate General of the P.R.C. in Toronto.

During the forum, BaoXinhe, Executive Vice President of Fudan University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech on the trend of energy storage technology in China. Lora Field, adviser to Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, and Professor Robert Morris from University of Toronto presented clean-tech and energy storage technologies in Ontario Province respectively. On the investor’s side, Tang Mingyu, Executive Director at FOSUN Group, introduced investment clean-tech technology in China and Fosun's overseas investment strategy as representative of Chinese enterprises. Another investor Nicholas Parker, the founder of CleanTech Group and CEO of Gap Incubation Fund, talked about global clean-tech development and investment opportunities facing both China and Canada. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, elaborated on the tech-transfer trends of diversification and internationalization from the perspective of government’s fourth-party platform.A panel discussion on Cleantech International Collaboration was also held in by Dr.Rong Xu, the founder and CEO of Umore Cleantech Consulting.

The CleanConnect B2B event was hosted by Umore North-American Business Director Dr.Wei Feng right in the afternoon. With detailed preparation from Umore and the forum, more than 40 Canadian environment enterprises, investment organizations and research institutes conducted precisely-matching and heated discussion with nearly 10 Chinese companies, which laid solid foundation for Chinese business’ transnational technology cooperation.

Umore Cleantech Consulting released the report on the development of Chinese Environmental Industry on the forum through joint efforts with National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, providing professional reference for industrial development in the future. Dr.Rong Xu analyzed the report in the forum.

Starting from today, Umore will publish the report in instalments in linkedin, be sure to stay tuned!


From Small to Super -- China's Environmental Enterprises' Development Report

Executive Summary

In 2014, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission and State Statistics Bureau released a report, entitled The National Environmental Protection Industry Bulletin. In this report, the environmental protection industry was analyzed as an independent industrial sector, which is rare, as previously, the environmental industry was always broken down and categorized into State Statistics Bureau’s conventional industry items such as Equipment manufacturing, Water Production and Supply, etc.

In this 18-page report, the scale of China’s environmental industry has been plotted by a series of statistic figures: as many as 20,522 enterprises and 3.195 million people are doing business in this field; the total annual revenue and profit are 3,075.3 and 277.7 billion RMB, respectively; and the annual export contract value is 33.4 billion USD. A noteworthy fact is that, among these 20,522 enterprises, only fewer than 100 are public companies.

From the above two facts, it can be easily found that China’s environmental protection industry has developed to a considerable scale, but the concentration rate is low. In other words, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) are the absolute majority. However, the amount of referable data regarding most SMEs is limited because SMEs is not an industrial statistics unit from the perspective of authorities. Few research has been done on this group, which leads to the fact that SMEs in this industry become the Silent Majority.

Umore Consulting has years of experience in helping environmental companies connect to the international market, and promote the global collaborations in aspects of technology, products and investments. From this perspective, this report aims at improving the situation with systematical and comprehensive study and analysis environmental companies, especially SMEs in China, showing their developing status and trends, and bringing their demands to the spotlight.

(to be continued)