Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal PC Visited Umore

Aug. 22, Hong Yin, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party committee and his team inspected the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, and debriefed Dr.Xu Rong, founder and CEO of Umore Consulting, which is the first Clean-tech transfer professional service company in China.

Dr. Xu introduced Umore’s global team structure, the unique CleanConnect platform, the business model, and the successful international tech-transfer cases to Mr. Yin, Mr.Yin asked questions to learn the details and encouraged Dr.Xu and the team to continue this leading professional work to support local cleantech business growth and international exploration. He then asked his team that “(as government member) we should urge this kind of practice: leave the professional people and platforms to do these professional service with our strong policy support, so the industrial upgrading can really take place.”

The vice minister of Organization, the secretary and the director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and other government leaders also joined the meeting.

Moments Recap


Apr.21 2017, in Shanghai International Technology Fair, Mr. Yong Ying, Shanghai Major, inspected the Cleantech themed exhibition area hosted by Umore. Umore brought 15 technologies from 8 countries and their owners to this annual show and won meaningful exposures and business leads.


May 2016, Mr. Yong Ying, current Shanghai Major (who was Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal PC at that time), visited Umore office for the first time and acknowledged the innovative model Umore’s driving on.