CleanConnect ASEAN Summary

Date: 03/01/2018

Time: 7pm

Venue: Urwork Singapore, 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent

The first CleanConnect event of 2018 was held on 03rdJan 2018 in Singapore with the aim of introducing the CleanConnect platform and to showcase various Cleantech companies to the investors we have invited. The event was also a chance for anyone to understand the Cleantech scene and mingle with people in the scene in Singapore.  What more, free food and beverages were also provided by CleanConnect to celebrate the start of 2018!


Mingling with food before the start of event

The event was kicked off with an introduction by Boon Jun, Project Manager of Umore Consulting.


Introduction by Boon Jun, PM of Umore

Boon Jun introduces CleanConnect, an annual Cleantech event held in China by Umore for international Clenatech companies to find business partner & investors in China. Since 2014, the number participating companies significantly as the CleanConnect brand is recognised in China. In CleanConnect 2017, it has 115 Chinese Cleantech companies (14 listed) despite being the first time charging entry ticket to the event; it is a rise in number from 70 companies in 2016. 232 business matchmaking was conducted in just 2 days of the event, it is the one and only event in China where any company can meet so many big players of the industry in a single event.

Information of the annual CleanConnect held in China

Boon Jun also introduced the 4 main services of Umore for Cleantech companies who are interested to enter the China market and also the 2018 plan to help Chinese Cleantech companies to enter the Southeast Asia market. Umore is currently looking for potential partners who have information of the regional environmental projects and companies who are interested to distribute matured environmental equipment from China in Southeast Asia.

Services provided by Umore Singapore

The event is followed by a series of showcase from 4 Cleantech companies to the investors and guests of the night.

Decentralised wastewater treatment


This company is an innovative wastewater solution provider listed in Australia and headquartered in Singapore. It designs, builds, owns and operates de-centralised wastewater treatment systems with innovative membrane based wastewater filtration technology licensed from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Integrated Reverse Osmosis Module with Energy Recovery for Desalination


The integrated Reverse Osmosis Module is a patented technology for small scale RO desalination designed for both single and multi-stage RO systems. The system is suitable for providing drinking water to island community such as Pulau Ubin, Resort islands & Hotels, supply onboard water to naval & civilian ships, produce industrial water for coastal mining sites and offshore oilfield. Being able to conduct desalination at a much lower specific energy consumption than other single stage desalination, it has completed its proof of concept and is now in discussion with companies on collaborative development.

Smart Urban Recycling System


This is a young startup company with their own waste collection and management system, which includes the use of an mobile Android application and a logistic management system. The application allows user to check their profile, view and redeem rewards, request collection of recyclables to encourage recycling. It has secured seed funding in 2017 and is planning to have their first 200 household users in the network by 3rd Quarter of 2018.

Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy


Both an IOT & Cleantech company which specialises in using solid state hydrogen to decarbonise combustion engine for motor vehicle; while analysing the performance of the whole engine system for both the car owner and mechanic. This cleaning services has also proven to reduce car emission such as CO and improve the car fuel efficiency to a significant amount. The machine is also able to collect data of each car model engine to generate service report for the car workshops to improve their services. It is supported by Singapore IMDA to digitise the services of Singapore car workshops and already has 55 units operating in Singapore. It is looking to expand its service to onboard services where the unit can be attached n a vehicle to provide real time cleaning and monitoring to further improve fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It can be applied to logistic company with a fleet of vehicles for up to 20% fuel savings.