Umore attended 17th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

The 17th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting was held in Shanghai on April 28. Umore attended the meeting as one of the Chinese enterprise representatives and shared views on environment topic.

As the only one technology transfer agency to be invited to the meeting, Dr. Rong, Xu, the founder and CEO of Umore brought about entrepreneurship and he delivered a speech of “CleanConnect the world”. In the speech, Dr. Rong held the view that cleantech transfer, especially the international cleantech transfer is a long and arduous path which is need-oriented to build the global information platform and realize the third-party integration of technology, capital and market. Umore, as the exclusively first cleantech transfer agency in China, is proposed to develop its own products and business services based on the CleanConnect community platform, assembling global clean technology and bringing about financial capitals to realize the international cleantech transfer with an innovation mode.

In this meeting, three ministers from China, Japan and Korea shared and exchanged views on many global and regional problems about atmospheric treatment, climatic change, biodiversity protection, sand storm, mercury pollution, marine litter, etc. Afterwards, three ministers signed China, Japan and Korea joint action plan for environmental cooperation.

Note: Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting was initiated by environmental departments of China, Japan and Korea in 1999. It is held in the three countries by turns every year to deal with regional environmental issues confronted by all, promoting sustainable development in the region.