Umore successfully held the Singapore cleantech roadshow

On 18 May, 2015, Umore invited 11 Cleantech enterprises from Singapore with innovative environmental technologies to China holding a successful roadshow in Yangpu venture. Dr. Rong Xu, the founder and CEO of Umore hosted the event. 

At the beginning, Dr. Wenyi He and Dr. Dr. Rong Xu delivered the opening speech. Around the theme of start and stay up, Mrs. Yanyan Li, GM of BVIC, Dr. Qun Deng, the CEO of Shell innovation factory, and Professor Tan Soon Keat, deputy director of the environmental and water resources Institute of Nanyang, Singapore made speeches respectively.

Technologies from Singapore are as follows:

NEWRI NTU Ecosystem and Innovation of Singapore for Clean Water and Waste Recycle
Century water system & technologies New Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane
Joyce river high-tech  The Membrane Bio-reactor for Non-Biodegradable Organic Chemical Pollution in Industrial Wastewater
LiquidGold enterprise  Green Technologies for Gold Leaching and Recovery
WiseWater  Innovative solutions for industrial water Treatment
Envichem technologies Metal Recovery and Wastewater Treatment Using Novel Partition Electrolysis Technology
The goodwater company  Convenient, effective, and economical water technology
Shayonano Nano technology
Pasture pharma PM2.5 Protection – FDA Approved Solution
Salus nanotechnologies Antimicrobial Nanomaterials for Textiles and Air Filters
Intraix Energy Management Solutions

The roadshow attracted more than 50 Chinese guests and enterprise representatives, coming from over 34 enterprises and agencies, such as technological innovation incubators, government agencies, environmental energy-related policy and regulatory institutions, investment agencies, scientific research institutes, experts and professors in different fields, and so on. Representatives of Singapore and China had active chat and negotiation with each other to look for cooperation opportunities.

The next day, Dr. Rong Xu led the Singapore delegation to visit GE water technology center and Bay Valley Innovation Park. Singapore representatives spoke highly of the Bay Valley’s planned layout, and showed some settlement intention.  This Roadshow is in line with strategic direction of Umore to bring about excellent overseas technology into China, hoping to open greater cooperation and development space, and to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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