Umore participated in Sino-US exchange of environment technologies

On 9 June, 2015, American clean water business development mission paied a visit to Yixing and held an exchange of environment technologies in environmental scientific park. Yangang, technology director of Umore participated in the meeting.

It is reported that Sino-US Clean Tech Center is sponsored by US government and it can directly cooperate with government in two Countries. This visit to Yixing is aimed to build a continuous, extensive and in-depth cooperation platform; encourage the effective communication between China and the USA; alleviate climate and environment crisis with feasible solution. At the same, it is expected to bring in the most advanced, mature, and appropriate clean technologies from USA to contribute to China’s environmental career. In the exchange, there was a session of 1:1 negotiation and guests had a heated exchange with each other.

Umore had an exchange with American companies such as Halosource,I2M,Origin Clear about some problems like flocculant, water purification, wastewater treatment in aerospace manufacturing industry, algae recovery and oil-containing wastewater recycling, etc. trying to seek cooperation opportunities.

Since Umore was founded in last year, we have carried out different kinds of cooperation with over 10 countries, such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Singapore, America, Canada, etc. through this exchange meeting, we hoped to expand market in north America, know advanced technology overseas, strengthen cooperation and joint and promote mutual development.