Umore participated in 2015 Water Congress

On July 30-31 Umore's CTO Mr. Yan Gang participated in the 2015 (the 3rd)Water Congress-the forum of comprehensive treatment on urban landscape and water and ecological restoration. This Congress was hosted by water recourses promotion center, Peking University and international ecological China Committee. More than 300 participants were present on the forum.

In the two-day meeting, delegates had in-depth discussion around the water ecology civilization construction and “sponge cities 3.0”, Internet + water, black and odorous River and Lake management, comprehensive treatment and solutions on urban water environment problem; integrated management on landscape of river and Lake, opportunities from Zhejiang’s five water governance policy, etc.

Mr. Yan Gang and other guests and experts discussed on water ecological rehabilitation. Many companies were very interested in technology transfer of Umore. They were glad to follow Umore’s Wechat account hoping to know more overseas technology information and find their target technology.

Through this congress, Umore was exposed to more fraternities in water filed and expand its popularity step by step.