Partnership with PBA International

France PBA International Limited (PBA International) is an independent legal entity in France. It is a professional design company that provide urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design etc. PBA international is one of the strategic partners to Umore group. Umore group has full experience in environmental protection industry park and clean technology park planning. Together with PBA international’s specialization in quality, design concepts and insights, plus Umore’s deep understanding in clean technology, we combine the clean technology and planning together to create the first platform focus on clean technology planning in China, and launched a new system in clean technology cluster planning and product planning all over the world. Partners of PBA international, come from famous architecture families and young architects currently active French. They not only versed in European history, culture & religion, but also well versed in traditional Chinese architectural style, familiar with modern Chinese city regulations and customs. PBA international cooperate with Umore in clean technology in China, such as China's first Green Expo Garden’s (Nanjing) park planning and construction & design of the main stadium,  by the way received the international architectural and planning awards; landscape design, Nanjing Qinhuai comprehensive environmental engineering and large-scale ecological wetland upstream of Qinhuai River, seven Bridges urn ecological park Xinzhuang Exhibition Center transformation nd so on. Combine the advantages of Umore and PBA international, we can provide a comprehensive set of clean technology industrial park and traditional industry park clean technology upgrades, and planning, design and implementation to clean technology buildings and green ecological park to our customers .