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Best Time for Remediation Technologies Entering China

With the great emerging demand to remediate heavily-polluted earth and water body, environmental remediation has become one of the most fast growing industry in China. However, as for the lack of experience, most local remediation companies do not have enough technical strength to cope with the diverse site conditions all over the country. In this way, some leading companies turn to approach technical collaboration with international ones.

On Jan 13th, a listed environmental company BOSCO announced that it decide to spend 13m (CAD) to buy a Canadian remediation company RemedX Remediation Service Inc. The target is proud of its mature RTTU thermal desorption technic, which has been used in as much as 2000 remediation cases. From the side of BOSCO, this acquisition would help itself to implement the 2 large projects in Jiangsu and Hebei, which together worth 240m CNY.

This case is the 3rd, and also the biggest, M&A transaction initiated by Chinese remediation companies. Because of the ‘Action Plan of Soil Environmental Protection and Pollution Control’, the industrial need of leading technology would last at least to 2020. That means the recent several years are the best time to introduce their to China’s massive market for foreign companies.