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China’s First Step of Solving Environmental Problems in Rural Areas

On Feb 23th, another 5-year plan have been released by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, which targets at the protection of rural environmental in future serval years.

This plan is the first shot of the pollution control battle in rural areas. Unlike the situation that development of environmental service is taken care by government in cities, the majority of villagers have long been suffering from the lack of environmental infrastructure in rural areas as the poverty and autonomy.

A set of figure could perfectly illustrate the situation, on 2015, the sewage treatment rates in prefecture-level cities, county-level cities and rural areas are respectively >95%, 82.6%, <10%.


In order to solve the problem, the authorities have set a series of quantitative objectives to ensure the improvement of environment. 140 out of all 390 thousand villages would be the target areas for environment renovation. At the end of 2020, these villages should achieve 100% household garbage collecting rate, ≥70% harmless disposal rate and ≥60% sewage treatment rate.

Apparently, this plan would strongly stimulate the corresponding environmental service market.

At the present, the most urgent needs of technics and products are the livestock and poultry waste treatment and disposal, automatic integrated sewage treatment equipment.