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China’s Most Environmental Markets in the Next Five-year Plan

China’s 13th Five-year Plan starts in 2016. For major economists and analysts, it is considered the crucial period for the country and its industries as a new era has come that the GDP growth is slowing down, and a series of economical adjustments and reform needs to be taken into practice to achieve healthier and more sustainable development. In this special period, let’s look at the most promising environmental markets.

Recovery of Black and Odorous Water in Cities

‘Black and Odorous Water’ problem is the official description on the severe problem of water body contamination in China’s most cities. A survey conducted by Ministry of Environmental Protection reported 1861 existed black and odorous water points in 218 out of 295 all the china cities. Facing the poor urban environment conditions and persistent threat to public health, the authorities decides to deal with it .In the high-level Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Water Pollution, a quantitative target has been raised that the black and odorous water should be eliminated from major cities and provincial capital cities by 2017, and the rate of this heavily polluted water should be controlled under 10% in all the China cities. This plan means a great opportunity for the corresponding companies and investors.

Soil Remediation

Recently , A deputy minister of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection revealed that ‘The Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Soil Pollution’ has been preliminary shaped and submitted to the State Council for approval. It means that the plan is just around the corner. This plan is one of China’s 3 high-level environmental protection plans, which deal with air, water and soil pollution. In fact, China’s government has not realized the problem of contaminated soil until a poisoning incident happened in 2005. The result of a national investigation last for 10 years long indicated that up to 16% of China’s soil has been contaminated and 3% of it has been heavily polluted. Analyst estimated that after the release of the action plan, the market of soil remediation would be measured in hundreds of billion Yuan.

Control of VOCs pollutants from industrial sources

In the past 12th Five-year-plan of environmental protection, the key gaseous contaminants need to be controlled are SO2 and NOx. The mitigation goals have been reached and thus more species would be included. According to experts and analysts prediction, VOCs will be the new kind of total amount control pollutant in the 13th Five-year-plan. Moreover, by the end of 2015, a handful of province claimed to plot the plan of VOCs discharge fees, which will greatly prompt the industrial companies to purchase VOCs treatment equipment and service from environmental companies.

Environmental monitoring

With the construction of environmental monitoring network of China, monitor equipment manufacturers, such as Focused Photonics, have enjoyed years of fast growing. In the next five years, a new opportunity comes. As the illegal altering of the monitor data is commonly seen problem in local government and enterprises, the central government determined to take over the authority of pollutant monitoring, and open the monitor service, rather than the earlier equipment, market to the nongovernmental third-party service providers. In this way, companies meet the great chance to extent their business to a much greater scale.